Monday, August 20, 2018

METU Project Update!

The Municipal Energy Tune Up (METU) Program, in partnership with the POM Wonderful Philanthropy grant program, leveraged funding to complete an insulation project at the Veterans’ Memorial Hall in Avenal in December 2017.
Avenal is a rural, hard-to-reach community as well as a disadvantaged community (DAC) and their Veterans’ Memorial Hall serves many facets of the community.  The hall is used as a cooling and activity center for the elderly, an after-school program for children, a community theater, and to distribute meals to those in need.
Measures installed for energy savings were: attic insulation, floor insulation, radiant barrier foil at the roof deck, and sealing of the duct work and penetrations in the attic.
Original estimated savings for the work was a 30% reduction in the building’s heating and cooling expenses.  But once the post-project summer months of 2018 were compared to the summer months in previous years, 2018 consumption is 40% less than that of previous years. The savings from this project is significant to the city and will be used to continue and expand much needed services to the community.
After such a successful project in Avenal, we are seeking to expand this project to various veterans community facilities throughout the rest of the WONDERFUL territory: Wasco, McFarland and Sanger/Del Rey.
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