Monday, January 21, 2013

EE Tip from Fig & Olive: Bathroom Lighting

Fig and Olive say 'Don't forget to change out your old, inefficient bathroom light fixtures!' Check out this link for information on some stylish EE lighting.


JR smith said...

As for bathroom lighting. It is also important to think about conserving electricity, the design is important as well but there are many options where you can have both. We cannot sacrifice too much on some things that do not matter all that much. We have to take into account also our situation in this world.

Maureen Hoff said...

Absolutely! Thank you for your comment, JR smith! I do think it is important that we take design into consideration for technologies related to energy efficiency, alternative fuel vehicles, etc. Here in Fresno, for example, the highest residential utility bills are found amongst the wealthiest home owners. Makes sense because they typically have larger homes; however, I believe that this segment of the population would and will be reluctant to switch to 'greener' ways if they aren't as 'pretty'. It is a sad, but very true story. It's important to find all of the underlying motivating factors people may have and work with those, not against them. I think we could accomplish a lot this way! Thanks again for your comment.