Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brown Talks Green In His Inaugural Address

Gov. Jerry Brown posted his green-jobs initiative months ago, but he reinforced his commitment to clean energy during his inaugural speech yesterday. In his relatively brief (16 minutes) address, Brown, who is getting a do-over as the state's chief executive, noted that clean energy can help lead California out of this recession, according to this story.

He wants to generate enough renewable energy to power 15 million homes. We here at the San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization believe this region from San Joaquin through Kern counties - the most productive farming area in the nation - can play a key role in that plan.

As we've said before, we are ideally situated. We have raw material for biogas and biofuel projects, sun and land for solar farms, wind turbines off our southern tip, access to transmission lines, and are ringed by top-notch universities that can conduct research and development.

And we have the incentive. Clean energy, rooftop solar and energy-efficiency programs could greatly benefit a region that has high power bills, low incomes, a stubborn double-digit unemployment rate and concerns over air pollution and water stability.

Just as Hollywood is the filmaking capital of the world and Silicon Valley leads in technology, the San Joaquin Valley could lead in clean energy.

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