Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hanford Officials Move Forward With Retrofits

Down in Kings County, officials with the city of Hanford are figuring they can save up to $11,635 in annual energy costs by retrofitting existing metered lighting. Also, they are replacing 300 lights along downtown streets and parking lots, said Lou Camara, public works director..

The city gets a one-time utility rebate of $6,700 and will repay Edison SCE for advancing capital costs through a line item on its power bill through the utility’s on-bill financing program.

Camara estimates it will take five to six years to repay. “The project not only benefits our environment by reducing greenhouse gases, but also save the city money as well,” he said.

That work is in addition to a well and four pumps that were replaced at a tank site in the city’s industrial park. “It was time to replace the pumps and we did it with newer and more energy-efficient equipment,” he said.

“Even in these economically challenging times, energy efficiency is possible,” added Barbara McCurdy Marty, economic development manager. “Make sure you talk to your electric and gas provider about any incentives they may offer.”
(Photo of Hanford's China Alley)

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